Welcome to the Kootenay Area!

The Kootenay Area is located in the south-east corner of British Columbia.
Our area covers Bridesville and Rock Creek in the west; the Kootenay AreaAlberta border in the east; the 49th parallel in the south; and Galena Bay and Golden in the north.

The Kootenay Area includes 6 districts, along with cities such as Cranbrook, Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail.

What’s new for the Granby Girls?

Granby District Girl Guides are always busy coming up with creative ways to keep the girls engaged with the program.

So far this year, the Grand Forks Girl Guides started out working on hat swaps, their promise and the law as they prepared for enrolment. Cookie sales were a success, including the one at Sears. On top of their regular work, the girls have been able to do some individual badge work at the hall as well as discussing personal safety in different situations. In October, they decorated pumpkins for the Grand Forks Downtown Business Halloween Fest. One of the funnest activities was a science experiment that included a tongue sensitivity test. They frequently do bridging activities with the Pathfinders. 

The Grand Forks Pathfinders have made handmade cutlery holders for camp kits, made a list of community service they want to do this year, baked for the Guide’s enrolment ceremony, supervised the pumpkin decorating and participated in the enrolment bridging with the Grand Forks Guides and Midway Pathfinders. 

In the West Boundary, the Rock Creek Guiding Unit and the Boundary Guiding Unit were the Honour Guard for the Kettle Valley Remembrance Day service. 

The Boundary Guiding Unit’s Pathfinders are planning a sleepover for the Guides and Pathfinders from Grand Forks on Nov. 17 to 18

Grand Forks Sparks and Brownies started out the year with a fall camp at Camp Rory, which had mild weather given the time of the year and — as always — was a blast. Christina Lake girls joined them at the camp and they worked on the Tidy Camper Crest. The first few meetings were used to get started with the Sparks books and preparing for camp. After camp, they prepared for enrolment, where they chose a butterfly themed enrolment and made decorations and brought treats. Halloween followed with a “bring a friend” event of the Halloween party. 

For Remembrance Day, the girls made paper lanterns with poppies on them, created Christmas cards for soldiers and talked about how the Girl Guides participated in war efforts using the book “How the Girl Guides Won the War” by Janie Hampton for some trivia. 

All units participated in the Remembrance Day ceremonies in the Boundary. 

Sparwood Gets Crafty

WhaThe Sparwood Guides and pathfinders have been busy having lots of fun!  We have been busy plugging away at various things!

The Pathfinders have been working on leadership and planning skills and we are currently trying to nail down a date to get their first aid course completed!

The guides have been learning like crazy!  We have been outside hiking and learning about all the wonderful things in nature, we have been completing science, chemistry, physics and hiking badges! They are now working to complete their endangered species, life skills, plants and animals and beyond you!

Attached you can see some photos of our science camp, tools nights and craft night!

Guider Gathering & Training

Guider Gathering & Training

Nelson, BC

April 23rd, 2016

9:00 am – 3:30 pm including lunch

Please join us for the Guider Gathering on April 23rd in the beautiful city of Nelson, on the shores of Kootenay Lake.  All Guiders in the Kootenay Area are welcome to attend.  GGC will pay for your expenses including hotel if needed (based on double occupancy), mileage and meals.

It will be a one day event at Blewett School (just outside Nelson) offering a variety of training including the travelling Program Road Show.  Information and Registration forms will be mailed out to each Guider from iMIS.  Deadline for registration is April 8th.  Any questions?  Please contact Shelley at  kootenayarea@gmail.com

We will be ordering Jackets and T-shirts for the event so please indicate on the Registration form whether or not you are interested in buying one .  I will hopefully have an example to show you soon.  The jackets are between $50-60 and the t-shirts are between $15-20.


9:00     Meet and Greet

9:30     Conflict Management training for all

11:30   Travelling Road Show introduction for all

12:15   Lunch

1:00     Trainings available:

  • Travelling Program show continues
  • Financial Training
  • Camping skills
  • Building Unit Guider Skills
  • Getting Outside

3:30     Kootenay Area AGM (All Guiders welcome)

4:00     Kootenay Area Council meeting (Executive Council only)