Kootenay Area Challenge

Kootenay Area Program Advisor Sophie Streleoff has put together an area challenge for all Kootenay Area members Sparks to Trefoil.

There are three parts to this challenge: Our Community, Our Environment and Our Sisters in Guiding.

Find all the information here: Our Kootenay Area Challenge

Question? Contact Sophie at kootenayareaprogramadviser@gmail.com

International Intrigue


Are you interested in taking a unit on an Independent International Trip?? As many people will tell you, the process comes with a huge amount of paperwork. The good part is that once you have decided that you are ready to start planning…..Girl Guides of Canada has the document to take you step by step through this process. Check out the document IT1 on the Girl Guides web site under forms. This is the starting point for your paperwork.

It is suggested that you have 18 months to 2 years of planning time. This will give you a chance to fundraise over a good period in order to raise the money needed.

Our Area has a number of Guiders that have travelled internationally with Units and they are also very willing to help answer your questions.

Please contact Kootenay Area International Adviser Heather Hall at kootenayareainternational@gmail.com if you want to plan a trip in 2017 or 2018 to get
your paperwork started.

Camping in Golden


 Camp in Golden

On a weekend in May, 12 girls – 3 Sparks, 2 Brownies, 1 Guide, 6 Pathfinders – attended camp. The Golden Pathfinders, their leader and co leader were awarded the Team Award for planing this event.